Willow Smith on Lady Gaga: ” I’d Like to be Like her.”

Posted by PZ on April 5th, 2011

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Tween singer Willow Smith was left in awe when she met Lady Gaga, and now she says she wants to be just like the Born This Way singer.  Willow says that Gaga’s personality is explosive, and she also admires her eclectic fashion sense. Willow commented:

“She’s awesome. She’s very explosive and has a very explosive personality – I’d like to be like her.”

When asked if she’s like to be put in to an egg-shaped vessel like the one Gaga arrived at the Grammy Awards in, Willow said that she would like it because she could skip all the cameras as she makes an entrance:

“Yeah, probably, so that I don’t have to smile to the cameras.”

Willow also recently toured with Justin Bieber in the UK, and she says that while Justin can sometimes get a little competitive, he’s a fun guy to be around:

“It’s awesome because I get to see new places and new people and how the crowd react. Justin’s very funny. He’s plays basketball, like, right before the show, but I stopped because I was like, ‘somebody’s going to get hurt’. So he won then he ran over and picked me up!”

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