Vanessa Hudgens’ Sex Scene Revelation (Video)

Posted by grabnetworks on November 15th, 2012

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Vanessa Hudgens recently shot her first ever sex scene, a threesome in her latest movie alongside Ashley Benson and James Franco. Sounds like a hot steamy scene alright, and here’s what Vanessa had to say – “I never want to to it again.” You weren’t expecting that, were you?

Talking to magazine Glow, the 23 year-old actress confessed it was very nerve-wracking and that she never wants to do it again. According to E! the scene from the upcoming movie Spring Breakers, which has been described as a ”drug fueled film about four coeds who find themselves mixed up with a drug dealer,” engages the trio in several compromising positions, including what’s been called a “three-way romp in a swimming pool.”

We have to leave the rest to your imagination, but remember, this could be Vanessa’s last sex scene! Plus, not long after shooting, she piled on 15 pounds for a role as a pregnant homeless teen in Gimme Shelter.

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