This Writers Strike Sucks…

Posted by Kim on November 8th, 2007

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The Office, closed!  Desperate Housewives, shut down!  It seems like the first prime time casualties have been shows that I like, but nothing really could be worse than what’s going on with Lost.  Sigh.  Last I’ve heard was that they have a whopping EIGHT episodes filmed for season 4.  To put this inperspective for those who don’t watch the show, that means the fans are waiting one month for each individual episode.

On top of that, earlier this week there were rumors about Lost not coming back until 2009.  Fortunately ABC was smart enough NOT to do that, which is a big surprise because that network hasn’t done anything smart concerning Lost a part from putting it on the air.  So credit to them for using their brains for a change.

Things aren’t so good for fans of 24 because FOX has shelved the show (read more about that here).  Does this mean more Idol? Just askin’…..

Also the creator of Heroes sucks up to apologizes to fans of the show.

Honestly though they need to give the writers their fair share.  People watch TV for the storylines, first and foremost.  Everyone else involved is pretty much expendable if you ask me.

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