Russell Brand to Cross-Dress & Gatecrash Royal Wedding

Posted by PZ on March 24th, 2011

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Comedian Russell Brand has jokingly suggested that he might gatecrash the upcoming royal wedding. Russell, who recently tied the knot with singer Katy Perry, has revealed how he would get himself into the wedding celebration – by dressing as the queen herself. He says:

“I’m not invited. I’m going anyway though. I’m going to dress up as the queen. I’m going to say [puts on female voice], ‘Hallo, I’m the queen. Happy wedding day William and Kate. Do it baby, kiss, kiss.’ “

Then, Russell would ‘reveal’ himself to the crowd:

“Then I’ll lift my skirt and I’ll have no underwear on and everyone will go, ‘The Queen’s willy!’ Get your laughing gear round that.”

Russell says that he would love to be a royal, and believes he should be made an honorary member of the royal family for all of his work:

“I’d like to be royal. I sometimes think, ‘I’d like to marry into the royals.’ It would be fun wouldn’t it to be a little bit royal? I think I’d fit right in there, they’re a lovely bunch. I’d like an honorary princehood or dukedom, or some sort of recognition from the royals for what I’ve done for them over the years.”

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