RIP – Aaron Swartz – The Person Who Saved The Internet

Posted by sparky on January 13th, 2013

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Sad news.  Aaron Swartz committed suicide, according to the news.

I never heard of Aaron Swartz before.  But then I read this article and watched the video that was on it (above) and I learned about what a brilliant, sensitive hero this guy was.  He not only created reddit and rss, he was behind SOPA and PIPA, because he understood and appreciated and respected the First Amendment and he understood that when it came to copyright issues the government forgot about this Amendment.  What he did in response to the efforts of our government to “control” the Internet, is nothing short of saving the Internet as we know it.  Please watch the video and you will see why.

I wish I knew more about this guy when he was alive.  I hope one day they make a movie of him so everyone can learn about how great he was.

Aaron Swartz you were a blessed person.  May you rest in peace.



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