Rihanna at the 5th Annual DKMS Gala

Posted by PZ on April 29th, 2011

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Photo: INFdaily.com

Still rocking her now signature red hair, songstress Rihanna attended the 5th Annual DKMS Gala in New York. Rihanna opted for a luxurious black gown for the event, complete with a long flowing train and a waist-hugging peplum. This is quite a toned down look for Rihanna, but she looks so glamorous and elegant which is rare for her – she usually goes for something bright and quirky. She has finished her outfit off with a silver bracelet and coordinating sliver earrings. Her bright hair is tied up in to a high bun which looks sophisticated and unusual.

Rihanna needs to ditch that red hair big time. It doesn’t suit her and drags this otherwise refined look down. That dyed red colour doesn’t suit anyone, and at best, she barely makes it look cool. I like Rihanna’s style in general, she always looks pretty flawless and quite interesting too and this particular look is a winner. It’s great to see RiRi trying something a little more elegant like this outfit, but death to that horrible haircut – pronto!

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