Paris Hilton Promotes Her New Reality Show in NY

Posted by PZ on June 2nd, 2011


Hot on the promotional trail for her new reality show, Paris Hilton made an appearance at the NBC Experience Store. I’m not entirely sure who she thinks is going to watch her show, but after all, if the various Kardashian shows manage to get viewers, there is hope for her yet. For her appearance, Paris looked quite good – she wore a figure-hugging white mini-dress with a sculptural skirt half that spans out from her hips but still manages to hug her curves. Paris teamed the futuristic-inspired dress up with a pair of simple nude heels, diamond earrings and curled hair.

Paris has a super bright fake tan here, which might detract from the classiness of this look slightly. When you hit a certain fake  tan threshold, you begin to look as though your channeling Ice-T’s Coco, or Pamela Anderson back in her hay day, which may be hot to some, but not all together sophisticated.  All in all, this isn’t bad  – the dress is especially interesting and surprisingly tasteful for Paris – now, who actually cares about her damn show?

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