Natalie Portman Dior Mascara Ad Banned In The U.K.

Posted by Katie F. on October 24th, 2012

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Outrage over Photoshop mishaps and misleading advertisements is so common now that we hardly think anything of it, but it’s a more serious offense in some countries than it is here in the United States. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority regulates ads across all types of media in order to protect consumers from false claims and exaggerations. Their latest victim? Natalie Portman’s campaign for Dior’s Diorshow New Look Mascara.

No customers who purchased the mascara complained about the product, but cosmetic company competitor L’Oreal UK did. L’Oreal itself has been the victim of several ASA bans, including Rachel Weisz’s ad for face cream and Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington’s ads for foundation. The conglomerate reported the ad to the ASA for “misleadingly exaggerating the effects of the product.” The organization said they found no issue with the actual image, but the retouching done to the photo could deliver unrealistic expectations to consumers, who believe the mascara will provide “an unrivaled lash creator effect” and a “spectacular volume-multiplying effect.” Until clarifications are made to the claims “directly relevant to the apparent performance of the mascara,” the ad can no longer be published.

To see Natalie Portman’s banned Dior mascara ad and to see other banned cosmetics ads, check out Be Voguish!

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