Megan Fox Thinks It’s Weird That No One Knows She’s Funny

Posted by PZ on November 7th, 2012

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New mom Megan Fox is surprised that no one has picked up on her sense of humor – she says she often makes sarcastic comments in interviews but then people are shocked by what she says because they think she is serious all of the time when instead she was simply making a joke! Megan says normally her interviews are peppered with lots of sarcastic retorts and jokes that no one gets:

“It’s weird to me that people haven’t picked up on it yet that I have a sense of humor. When you read my interviews from start to finish, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot of sarcasm. The things that get chosen in sound bites, that run and seem literal and sound like they’re very shocking, they were usually jokes, but people for whatever reason can’t accept the idea that I could possibly have been joking.”

Commenting on working with Judd Apatow who likes to improvise even when things don’t work out, Megan says you just have to do it no matter what and hope that the results are great in the end – it’s all about trusting his sense of humor and trusting his vision as a director:

“Whatever comes to Judd, he yells it out and you do it. And it’s funny or it’s not funny. You just keep going. But I know I’m not gonna come up with anything better than the jokes he throws at me.”

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