Kim Kardashian Wears Unflattering Black Jumpsuit as She Shops for Furniture

Posted by PZ on November 27th, 2012

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Seen shopping for some new furniture in Miami with sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian stepped out in a horrible black jumpsuit which did little to flatter her curves. Kim is usually good at recognizing what suits her body type, but this time she was completely blind to her own figure when she slipped into this potato sock contraption. It seems to hang limp around the middle in an unflattering baggy style, emphasizing her crotch region in a manner that isn’t attractive. She kept the rest of her look simple, adding black heels, minimal makeup and swept back hair to complete the look, sadly even this simple styling doesn’t look good when paired with the jumpsuit.

Kim normally gets it right, or at least closer to right then this. This doesn’t suit her figure or shape at all, and might be best on someone a little taller or with a less curvacious frame. There is bound to be a jumpsuit style out there that suits her, but this one isn’t it – it highlights everything badly and doesn’t accent her natural hourglass figure which is something she usually nails. Perhaps her Kanye love has momentarily made her go a little crazy and she was convinced into giving this one a go, but whoever is responsible for picking this one out shouldn’t be allowed near her wardrobe again, at least not without supervision!

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