Kim Kardashian States The Obvious: She Loves Leather!

Posted by Katie F. on December 7th, 2012

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We noticed a while ago that Kim Kardashian found a new love for everything leather – from pants to skirts to dresses, it seems like Kim couldn’t go a day without adding some leather to her ensemble. Actually, we can trace her leather obsession back to the day she started Kanye West! Whether or not he’s responsible for turning her on to the material, Kim has spread the leather love throughout the rest of her family too.

Kim posted plenty of pictures on her blog recently to show off her and her sisters’ shared love of leather. She says she just now noticed that she, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie have all worn leather out a lot lately. Most recently, the young Jenners rocked leather mini skirts to the Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles.

Kim’s not mad that her whole family is stealing her style though. She insists she loves “sharing styles with my sisters.” In her blog post, Kanye’s girlfriend also pondered the fact that each sister has “very different fashion senses” – Kylie is typically edgy and youthful, while Kourtney is more boho and eclectic. Still, they all sometimes end up “loving the same fashion trend.” Trust us, we’ve noticed!

To see some of the leather looks the whole Kardashian clan has donned lately and to shop our favorite leather pieces, check out Be Voguish!

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