Emma Watson Has Better Things To Do Than Go To Brown

Posted by Edwin on June 8th, 2011

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In April, 21-year-old British actress Emma Watson announced that she would be leaving Brown University after only 18 months at the school. Not surprising, the press immediately began speculating on why the studious Emma, who plays the equally studious Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series would leave the Rhode Island university without a diploma in hand. The media blamed her decision on everything from being bullied by classmates to not being happy with Brown’s course offerings.

While Emma has been vague on her exact reasons for leaving the university (other than a lofty assertion that she is trying to come to terms with her life as a celebrity), I feel that her departure from the University is more than justified. In fact, I am surprised that she went through the effort to apply to college, move to Rhode Island and actually take classes and do homework for two years.

Emma is an international superstar and does not need college. Period. Here are a few reasons why no one should be surprised she’s dropping out of college.

#1-She has a full-fledged modeling career in the works

Emma has long been praised in the media for her pixie good looks and her long and lean figure. These genetic gifts (along with her fame) have helped Emma land several high-profile modeling jobs in recent years. She is currently one of the faces of British fashion house Burberry and even appeared in their high-profile autumn/winter 2009 campaign as well as their spring/summer 2010 campaign. And in March of this year it was announced that Emma would join the ranks of Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Isabella Rossellini as the newest face of French makeup mega-brandLancôme. She has already appeared in several advertisements for that company.

Who wants to attend early-morning Chemistry class on cold winter days in New England when you can make thousands posing for pictures in Paris? Apparently not Emma Watson.

#2-She is still perfecting her acting skills

While Emma’s roles in the Harry Potter movies made her a millionaire and a household name before the age of fifteen, she is still refining her craft and accepting acting roles. Watson is currently filming the film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and has been cast in the upcoming movie My Week with Marilyn.

And anyone who says that filming a movie while trying to also be a college student is logical has obviously never tried it. Being a college student while trying to be a college student is pretty hard in and of itself. Long on-location film shoots and endless movie promotions do not really mix with English research papers and on-campus clubs.

#3- She has enough money to retire several times over

Most freshmen enter college in the hopes of someday getting a good job and earning enough money to make a comfortable living, and pay off the loans they incurred getting an education. Emma already has a good job. In fact, she has a great job that currently earns her an estimated $14 million annually. And if that wasn’t enough, Emma is thought to have amassed a fortune of more than $50 million for her roles in the Harry Potter movies–more than enough money to keep her living in luxury if she were to never work another day in her life. The typical college grad earns about $35,000 their first year out of college–if they are lucky. I’m pretty sure Emma has them beat without the diploma.

In my opinion, college would just be a superfluous extra that Emma does not need for future job security or income. Sure, a university education would probably give her a sense of accomplishment and maybe even raise her IQ a few points– but that’s about it. In the end, that Brown diploma would probably end up being stored in her parent’s garage while her Burberry campaigns, Vogue covers and Harry Potter memorabilia sat proudly in the front entrance. Not worth the four years.

This guest post is by Edwin Daniels who blogs at USdish. You can also follow him on Twitter: @Edandish.

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