6 Creepy Interpretations of What a Kimye Baby Will Look Like

Posted by PZ on January 16th, 2013

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Wondering what the Kim Kardashian x Kanye West baby will look like? It’s obviously going to be somewhat cute, but these 6 creepy interpretations also show how weirdness can happen when you can combine two stars, especially when one of them has facial hair! It hasn’t been revealed if the couple are expecting a girl or boy yet, nor do we know if it’s going to end up looking more Kimish than Kanyeish. Here are what 6 possible outcomes are (some more likely than others) of what the couple look like when morphed together, thus creative an offspring. The more realistic morphs favour a very positive cute outcome, while no 6. is a teenage version of the couple’s potential son. Creepy? It will be even more so it it ends up looking anything like that!









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