5 Celebrities Who’ve Smoked While Pregnant

Posted by PZ on January 17th, 2013

Let’s get all judgey on these 5 smokin’ moms who should have known better. What is worse – that they decided to smoke despite the best advise from their doctor to quit while pregnant for the sake of their growing baby’s health, or the fact that they thought there was so little wrong with it that they did it in public and were actually caught on camera? Obviously there are far worse things you can do to your body while pregnant (hard drugs and drinking 50 espressos daily) but a lot of people will frown if your rocking a baby bump and a cigarette simultaneously. It might be hard to give up cold turkey and surely one cigarette won’t do a huge amount of harm, but these star moms should have kept their habit to a minimum and out of the the view of the cameras!


Britney Spears


Lily Allen

Nicole Richie

Penelope Cruz
EXCLUSIVE Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek

Rebecca Gayheart
Exclusive - Rebecca Gayheart Shops and Smokes

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