15 Celebrities Who’ve Aged Badly

Posted by PZ on May 31st, 2010

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Usually celebrities are good at combating the signs of aging – even if it means a little tuck here and a botox injection there. Here is 15 celebrities who haven’t quite managed to keep up with the rest, and have aged badly. Some may have been known for their muscular physic (Swartzenager!) while other celebs have just had a few too many vodkas and cigarettes in their glory days and have withered (Courtney Love, I’m looking at you!).

Val Kilmer

Kathleen Turner

Steven Seagal

Pamela Anderson

Nick Nolte

Mickey Rourke

Courtney Love

Kirstie Alley

Keith Richards

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jack Nicolson

Elizabeth Taylor

Brigitte Nielsen

Arnold Swartzenager

Brigitte Bardot

Who do you think aged the worst?

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