10 Celebs who have threatened to move if elections don’t go their way

Posted by sparky on May 8th, 2012

I just read that Cher just tweeted that she doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters‘.  Is she suggesting that she would move out of the country if Romney wins the election?

Finally, we all have a great reason to vote for Romney!

Here are nine other celebrities who threatened to leave the country if the elections didn’t ‘t go their way (source):

1. Stephen Baldwin (will leave if Obama wins)

2. Alec Baldwin (will leave if Bush wins)

3. Barbara Streisand (will leave if Bush wins)

4. Akon (will leave if McCain wins)

5. Seal (will leave if McCain wins)

6. M.I.A. (will leave if McCain wins)

7. Tina Fey (will leave the planet if Palin wins)

8. Michael Stipe (will leave if McCain wins)

9. Susan Sarandon (will leave if McCain wins)

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